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Our fully equipped modern workshop with our customer-friendly staff offers you a wide range of services, all carried out by our trained technicians using O/E parts.

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Scroll down to see the cost of our Annual Services and MOT tests.

 Also, we do 4 wheels laser alignment checking and adjustment.

Service Costs

We can repair all makes and all types of vehicles including High Performance cars. Do contact us to discuss your vehicle service or repair requirements at extremely competitive prices.

Annual Service, MOT & Service Plan

Why not take out a Vehicle Service Plan and have peace of mind motoring costs for three years.

You can spread the cost of your annual service over a 12 month period from as little as £13.99 per month. The Servicing Contract Period is for 36 months or 60,000 miles (which ever is sooner).

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Brake Fluid Change & Engine Flush

Brake Fluid Change
Did you know that brake fluid is hygroscopic and should be changed every 2 years?

If air gets into the system it can affect the braking efficiency. Therefore your brake fluid should be changed every two years to ensure it is at full strength.

Engine Flush
An engine flush is also available and will clean out any residue left in the engine and ensure it is running smoothly and as efficiently as it can.


Right Fuel

You may find that brand name petrol will give you a better fuel consumption figure and better performance.

Although slightly more expensive than supermarket fuel, the results seem to speak for themselves according to our customers.


Your Air Conditioning System

Many modern vehicles now come with air conditioning as standard. However, not every driver realises that although it is a low maintenance item, it can benefit greatly from regular servicing.

Firstly, the system will naturally lose around 10% of its gas every year, resulting in it not working as efficiently as it could.

Secondly, many drivers go through the winter months without ever using their air conditioning. However, in winter, your air conditioning system can provide a comfortable stream of warm, dry air to replace the cold damp air in the vehicle and demist your windows more quickly.

Also, failing to use the system for months at a time will lead to the growth of spores and bacteria within the pipework as a result of condensation in the tubes combined with heat from the engine. These will then be blown into the vehicle when the system is next used causing unpleasant odours, sore throats and even allergic reactions.  Simply using the system regularly can prevent this.

How We Can Help .....

We can de-bug your air conditioning system in around 30 minutes. We will also check the system for leaks, filter the refrigerant gas and top it up, together with the suspended oil that lubricates the system and maintains its efficiency.

This will make sure the system doesn't drain unnecessary power from your engine, or stop working altogether. It will also ensure the system is in top condition when the hotter weather arrives.

To Book your Air Conditioning Service, call our service team:

01435 866651 or 01435 862095 


Oil & Filter Change

Engine oil is vital for your vehicle, and it does more than you might realise.

Since the work that your oil does is vital, it is equally vital that you choose the right oil for the job.

With the extreme temperatures your oil endures, and the hard work it does journey after journey, it is no surprise that every so often it will need a complete change. We recommend this every 12 months and that would probably be a good time to replace the oil filter too.

Making sure this is done is a great way to get the best performance from your vehicle. You could also improve your fuel efficiency too, saving you money in the long run.

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